Jquery Vibrate Js

The Vibration API is an API specifically made for mobile devices as they are thankfully the only devices that have a vibrate function. The API allows developers to vibrate a device (in a pattern) for a given duration.

This plugins allow you to use the API in an easy way together with jQuery.


$("#example-one .button").vibrate(); 
Example One
Vibrate for 50ms on all .button in .example.one on click
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$("#example-two .button").vibrate("short"); 
Example Two
Vibrate for 20ms on click
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var item = $("#example-three .button");
// Either of these
Example Three
Vibrate for 50ms on click
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$("#example-four .button").vibrate("long"); 
Example Four
Vibrate for 100ms on click
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$("#example-five .button").vibrate({
 duration: 2000,
 trigger: "touchstart"
Example Five
Keep vibrating whilst touching (up to 2000ms)
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$("#example-six .button").vibrate({
 pattern: [20, 200, 20]
Example Six
Vibrate twice.
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$(".example-long .button").each(function() {
 $(this).vibrate(parseInt($(this).text(), 10));
How Long is Long Enough?
If you're not sure how long the haptic feedback should be. You can experiment with various timespans. Try all of these buttons out a mobile device. Anything above 100ms seems to long for me.
$("#example-checkbox .checkbox").vibrate({
 pattern: [5, 200, 20]
Check Boxes
Another good use case is check boxes.